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151s Ear Plugs with 20dB & 27dB filters


Product Description

151s Silicone Ear Plugs

    • SNR of the special acoustic filters suppress irritating noise with blue filter fitted with 20db & white filter fitted with 27db
  • The special acoustic filters in the 151s earplugs protect against excessive ambient noise
  • The noise reduction can be altered to your personal preference by changing the filter used
  • Our earplugs are designed to be very comfortable whilst being used
  • Will reduce risk of hearing damage during usage
  • The earplugs are almost invisible within the ear
  • Communication with surroundings retained

See above photo for full description on the back of product!


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    i saw these for sale at the 2019 TT and after a short discussion, i decided to buy a set to try, at £15 i thought they were worth a go, i have to say, they are amazing, they are mega comfortable, and fit really easily into the ear, i have tried both sets and they deaden the sound perfectly, but the best part is the fact i can hear my sat nav in my helmet perfectly,the sound is crystal clear while killing all the ambient noise around, i would seriously recommend them to any bikers who wear ear plugs, they are worth every penny.

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