Q… Why Should I use 151s products?

A… Because they work!  100’s of sports men/women, motorcyclists, and racers use this product & it has still never been advertised in any journal or magazine. We have not yet paid any company to promote 151s. Customers use this because it does it’s job.

Q… I am finding it difficult to make a purchase


1.. Find the product(s) you want on the 151s website
2.. Select the size you require and press ‘Add to Basket’
3.. Once you’ve added all of the items you require to your basket, select checkout option
4.. You will be asked to input your shipping & billing details
5.. Review your order to ensure all items & details are correct
6.. Press ‘Place Order’
7.. You will then receive an order confirmation via email to the email address provided at the time of ordering
In the unlikely circumstance we’d be unable to fulfill your order for whatever reason, an email will be sent to the address supplied by yourself when you placed the order explaining the issue that may have arose.

Remember to check your basket and delivery information to ensure your order is correct before pressing the ‘Place Your Order’ button, as we may not be able to amend your order once it has been submitted.

Q… How does the 151s compression clothing work?

A…  The 151s range of compression base layer clothing has 3 main functions acting on the body.

Base layer garments regulate body temperature, compress muscles & aid recovery. They are not simply for professional racers though. Performance 151s base layers benefit everyone from the supreme athlete to the occasional track day racer right through to the going to work road rider.

The 151s compression base layers are state-of-the-art garments designed to regulate body temperature & reduce the build up of lactic acid by compressing the muscles before, during & after any physical exercise.

scientists have shown that in reducing the build up of lactic acid during & following physical exertion, an athlete/racer’s recovery rate is greatly enhanced & their susceptibility to injury, greatly reduced.

By compressing the muscle groups during & after exercise/racing, you are also helping to protect them from potential damage & thereby making the athlete/racer perform better.

Combine this compression with suitable materials designed to eradicate or retain body heat & you have the basis of what is termed as ‘Technical Apparel’ which is designed to provide the wearer with a dry, comfortable solution to their racing/athletic needs whatever climate they find themselves in.

Q… What size do I need?

A… For Top Chest XXXS/20-23″, XXS/23-30″, XS/30-34″, S/34-38″,M38-42″, L/42-44″, XL/44-46″, XXL/46-48″, 3XL/48-53″ …   PLEASE NOTE: Due to the stretch in our garments the sizes listed will stretch up to another 6″

A… For Pants waist XXXS/19-21″, XXS/21-23″, XS/23-26″, S/26-30″, M/30-33″, L/33-36″, XL/36-38″, XXL/38-42″, 3XL/41-45″  PLEASE NOTE: all max measurements WILL stretch up to an extra 6″

Q… What happens if I purchase the wrong size?


A… Simply return to us in original packing plus self addressed post paid label or enclose payment for exchange. 151s will charge £1 if items are returned without original packing. We reserve the right to refuse a return if the item/items have been worn, used, washed.

If you require a refund please return to us in original packing. We will refund within 24 hours of item, items being returned to us.

Q… My item has a fault?

A… Contact us immediately. We will usually ask for a couple of photos. We will ask for you to return the item (post costs covered by us). We will replace or refund same day item arrives at our office.

Q… Can I collect my purchase?

A… Yes just email or call our telephone number to arrange

Q… Can I buy bulk or a job lot?

A… Call us to discuss

Q… How can I keep my 151’s product looking its best when washing?

A… Please refer to our 151’s product cleaning section below:

151’s Product Care

-151’s recommends a 30°C wash, as stated in garment label & to wash garment inside out

Do NOT use fabric conditioner or biological washing products as over time this will fade colours

Do NOT wash with any new garments/fabrics or any non-colourfast items

-Do NOT iron

Not recommended for tumble drying & avoid drying on a radiator or other direct heat source to prevent damage

-If using stain remover, spot affected area only, as per the pre-wash instructions on chosen product.

151’s have had all products thoroughly tested both professionally & in house (so we know what will happen if the above guidelines are not followed). 151’s will not be held responsible if the above guide is not followed.