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    Product Description

    Compression Clothing Worn By Winners


    Because It Works!

    2011, 2012, 2013,2014, 2015 British & World Champions can’t be wrong using 151s’ products

    The 151s range of compression base layer clothing has 3 main functions acting on the body.

    Base layer garments regulate body temperature, compress muscles & aid recovery. They are not simply for professional racers though. Performance 151s base layers benefit everyone from the supreme athlete to the occasional track day racer right through to the going to work road rider.

    The 151s compression base layers are state-of-the-art garments designed to regulate body temperature & reduce the build up of lactic acid by compressing the muscles before, during & after any physical exercise.

    scientists have shown that in reducing the build up of lactic acid during & following physical exertion, an athlete/racer’s recovery rate is greatly enhanced & their susceptibility to injury, greatly reduced.

    By compressing the muscle groups during & after exercise/racing, you are also helping to protect them from potential damage & thereby making the athlete/racer perform better.

    Combine this compression with suitable materials designed to eradicate or retain body heat & you have the basis of what is termed as ‘Technical Apparel’ which is designed to provide the wearer with a dry, comfortable solution to their racing/athletic needs whatever climate they find themselves in.

    Additional Information

    One Size

    One Size


    Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink


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